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The 29 Holding brand was created based on a playful reminder to remain youthful in the heart and mind at all times. 

That philosophy is reflected in our designs and the wonderful partners that assist in making our projects a success;

                                                      Fresh, Innovative, Open-minded, and Dynamic.

Our designs lean toward a classic elegance and the 'less is more' principal of design; refreshingly unstudied, friendly, attractive, luxurious and reflective of our clients' lives.

Over the more than 20 years in business and after many trips across the USA, Asia and Europe, it consistently resonated with me that people perform better when they do what they love.

The 29 Holding goal - if we had to pick only one - is to be able to deliver the best product at the best price and make every client a raving fan.

To accomplish this, we deliver a full range of services with a unique approach to the design and build community and our clients.  The very best craftsmen lend their talents to us daily so that each can provide their specialty skill to our projects.  We are able to keep costs reasonable without a loss in quality or value. The pride that our partners take in their craft keeps the competition wondering how we do it.

Lisa Santulli
Proprietor, Designer, Builder


29 Holding is comprised of several teams working in collaboration doing what they do best.

Our team can manage just about anything requested of a design and build team from concept to completion. Please take a look at our Services page to see how we can best assist you.

Each partner, whether directly employed or associated, is an integral extension of the company and to that effect, we are as committed to the highest level of quality without compromise as each individual client is to their selection of a build & design firm. We are dedicated to complete satisfaction and of course, we proudly guarantee our work. 


A great attitude, pride in a job well done and the knowledge and expertise to perform. 

This is our winning combination.


Looking forward to hearing from you!

Simply click here to get in touch.

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